Two Months Out

Our journey across America is coming faster than we could have expected. With less than two months until we leave the Bronx, Noah and I have been hard at work acquiring gear, planning routes, and training.

Our gear is coming from one of our favorite bike shops, The Bicycle Stand in Long Beach, CA. The Bicycle Stand is an excellent place for anything from new, do-it-all bikes (like the Surlys we are getting) to refurbishing an old bike found behind your garage. It has quickly become a hub in the cycling community of Southern California and was the obvious choice of ours when it came to a shop we wanted to support.

Our bikes will be Surly Long haul Truckers, and industry standard touring bike that is built to be ridden anywhere. We will have front, and back racks with panniers and a handlebar bag. We will be carrying camping gear (tent, sleeping bags/pads, a stove, etc), tools for roadside repairs, a small amount of clothes, cameras, a laptop, and plenty of water.

With the help of community leaders in Long Beach, we have begun reaching out to individuals in cities/towns along our route. Our day to day routes will be decided more-or-less in the moment but our general timeline and route are being defined more and more each day.

We have also been training every day- preparing our bodies to not only have the strength to move a fully loaded bike, but to convert energy day after day for three plus months. We have both been trying to ride at least an hour a day, with larger rides on weekends. Being in Eugene, OR, it is fairly easy for me to find car-free routes and beautiful back roads to explore. Noah has been braving the streets and subways of NYC to get on his bike and train. We have begun phasing out weight training and anything that will add mass/muscle to anything but our legs.

Our kickstarter is being finished up and will be running by April 5th.

So please, follow us on this blog (, instagram (@westwardwheels), search for our page on facebook, and tell your friends!