Hell for the Legs, Heaven for the Heart: Our New Bikes

We are leaving in about a month. Just thinking that fills me with a strange combination of terror and excitement. The gravity and depth of the challenge we are taking on is starting to become real.

What will happen to us physically after three months of sun, hills, and headwinds? How will we interact and work as a team to make millions of decisions?

In any case, all we can do is prepare, learn, and hope for the best. And we have been doing exactly that.

Noah and I both built our new Surly Long Haul Truckers last week and have devoted a lot of time to riding them/getting to know them. After stepping on to a brand new, finely tuned bike, I am ashamed to say that my old bike, Mikelah, perpetually feels like it is riding through mud.

In my first four days of owning my new LHT (yet to be named), I rode 150 miles over hills, mud, gravel, and miles of beautiful Oregon roads. All I can say is wow. The Surly seems to want to ride, and ride fast. The bike feels better the more weight I have on it and the faster I am moving. Although my legs are sore, I could not be more happy with my bike and excited to build a relationship with it.

I am flying out to New York on June 23rd for a week of preparation, filming, and farewells. Until then we are gathering the rest of our supplies, riding, and mentally preparing ourselves. On one hand I hope we are not being foolishly ambitious, but on the other I can't wait for the challenges of the roads and learning how to overcome them.