New York to Philly

Three days in and we have made it to Philadelphia. We had originally planned on being here one day sooner but heavy rains caused us to cut our first day in half- which turned out to be a great idea. We rode down Manhattan and took a ferry to Jersey City. As soon as we crossed the Hudson the rain started with a vengeance. Although we bought 99 cent store ponchos and put plastic bags on our feet, we were soaked to the bone.

We ride 67 miles up seemingly endless hills to Basking Ridge, NJ where we stayed with the parents of a friend. It was a great end to an exciting day and hopefully a sign of gracious hosts to come. We awoke bright and early to ride down to Trenton, NJ where we met with employees of Molina Healthcare. The good folks there welcomed us with banners, cheers, free t-shirts, and encouragement. One was even nice enough to lead us all the way to our host's house (a warm showers friend).

From Trenton we rode out for a cheap breakfast of terrible coffee and pork roll ( We left Trenton with our new friend Ryan, only for him to get a flat passing a construction site. He insisted we carry on, and ride we did.

Philadelphia is an interesting place. On one hand it is an old city- brick, columns, and grand building everywhere. On the other it has the feel of an up and coming city. Seemingly each street has a bike lane and a mass of joggers. The entire city seems to be moving. We went to the oldest bar in the city and danced amongst sweaty and happy Philadelphians. As of now we are looking in to our next move as we head towards Pittsburgh.