Should I Stay or Should I go?

Never have I experienced such freedom as I have during the last month on the road. There is something so wondrous out there and I am free to know it.

As dawn breaks and my day starts the road calls out to the early bird. It’s still quiet, dew sits on everything as we load our bikes and as I finish I slide the plastic bag off my seat to reveal the smooth, leather saddle. It waits for both me, and the many miles ahead.

I loved our days in the big cities, ideas move fast, new people get talking and around every corner is food, drink, and good music. Most importantly are our friends who make the cities warm and give them their charm. Together Charlie and I have seen nearly every great city of the North East and Midwest and they each have drawn us in with their creativity, passion, and caring. Which is actually a statement about the people. People have made the cities what they are and I keep falling in love with those people.

Should we stay or should we go?

We ask ourselves this on the last night, or second to last night, of our stay in each city.

On one hand the road calls to us, as I said it is where we are truly free. The wind against my face, legs spinning effortlessly below me, and a landscape that I’ve never seen and may never see again. That is the rush of crossing a continent, the freedom to sleep where my tent fits, a moment to be with the people, and to see whatever might be out there.

On the other hand why leave? The more I peddle the sooner it all ends. The sooner I have to decide upon the unknown and make decisions about a life which I’m not even sure I’m ready to lead. Furthermore, what more do I need? I already have food, water, shelter and friends. I’m in Chicago right now for instance. I’ve been invited to stay as long as I want, the city is clean, welcoming, warm, and there are lots of pretty girls. A young man could make his way here, make more friends, and sing the summer away.

So Should I stay or should I go?

Go out into the world and onto the road where I can be free but things are harder. Or stay with people that care in a city that excites me but won’t change. The answer is new because I only recently learned of its truth but from what Charlie and I have seen this whole world is filled with our family. The city houses them and the road moves them but everywhere they are kind and loving. The cities are warm because they are full of the family and the road is freeing because it can taking me to any part of my family I choose. So I must do both, I will stay another day and learn more about my Chicago family, but in two days I will go. There is more to learn from the families who I have yet to meet.

Speaking to my soul it gives me the freedom I crave and sends me safely to my next adventure. The road is for all of us, to share and to travel, so we all may meet each other and call each other brother or sister.