Things I have learned from bike touring

1. People are generally good and will help you if they can
2. You can ask for anything if you ask it the right way
3. Pretty much everyone is approachable and has a story they are waiting to tell you
4. People can appreciate and bond over core principals of life
5. Although some people haven't experienced anything outside of their community, they want similar things
6. There are an infinite number of things to notice and be entertained by if you are in the right mind set
7. Being on a bicycle makes you see and appreciate more than you ever could by walking or would by driving
8. Strip malls and giant parking lots destroy the culture and feel of a city
9. A welcoming community is where you can be anywhere and not feel out of place
10. A clean bike chain is a happy bike chain
11. Don't ignore weather reports yet don't let them stop you
12. It is ok to wear the same shirt for a week straight
13. You can do anything when you have to
14. A life with out struggle or want is a life spent trying to pass time, waiting for it to seem real
15. When you set a goal and achieve it, it is ok to feel proud and celebrate
16. You are only as good as the things you contribute to the world
17. The most beautiful roads are the hardest to ride
18. It is good to pursue things that make you uncomfortable; progress comes from overcoming reservations
19. Life experience takes on more meaning the more you reflect upon it
20. There is a pulse and a beat to society that you can hear if you are open to it and it is beautiful

- Charlie