We believe in inspiring, encouraging, and empowering people to ride bicycles. Many people already realize how fun riding a bike can be, but the many practical benefits are often overlooked. More people traveling by bicycle means healthier individuals and communities.

There are many barriers keeping people from bicycling rather than driving. These include access to a bike, lack of infrastructure, and safety concerns (to name a few). We believe that all of these barriers can be overcome if combated on different scales. On the community scale, there is great work already happening to create bike share systems and co-ops to help people get access to bikes.   Although infrastructure is created on a longer timeline and at a larger scale, it can be created with a large enough population of people who request bike friendly roads.

We believe that increasing peoples' knowledge about bicycling and sharing the roads is the best way that we, as individuals, can make an impact. We support people learning how to ride bikes, and everyone on the road learning how to interact safely and peacefully.

Westward Wheels is a product of our passion for bicycling and the joy it has brought us. We hope that our journey and the ideas highlighted will inspire more people to consider bicycling as a practical and positive mode of transportation.