Project Principles & Letter to You

At the core of The Westward Wheels project is a hypothetical question:

What does a truly sustainable, healthy, and cycle friendly life look like and more importantly, what steps can be taken to achieve it ?

The best answer to this question might be something of an ideal, but we agree that it is better to shoot for the stars and land on the moon than it is to aim low.

Our goal in this project is to answer our hypothetical question and provide practical ways in which we can go about achieving it

First however, our principles (sustainability, health & cycling) need to be defined in order to fully understand their significance, the lifestyle we are talking about and the methods through which it can be achieved.

All of our findings will be hosted here in the blog during our 3 month trip west, however, we will also be recording most of the trip in order to tell the story and host our findings again in a short film. We want to provide a guide, based on the entire country, to the more efficient and affordable attainment of our goals.