A Letter to our Followers:

Here at the Westward Wheels project we are not claiming to know anything… (what?). We are two recently graduated students who have only shown that we have the capacity to learn, not that we know anything. This project was born out of our curiosity, passion, hard work, a bit of wanderlust, and the true belief that people want to help if they can and know how, especially if it also means helping themselves.

So, with our investigative hats on we shall not tell you our thoughts but instead share our findings from professionals, academics and citizens all across the country. 

We hope that defining our shall clear the air around buzz words like health and sustainability and present the framework that will help to answer our hypothetical.  How we go about making our goal a reality, we do not yet know, but each section will present ideas, practices and lifestyles which together should give us an awesome starting point.

We hope you enjoy and like what we find, feel free to comment whenever you have thoughts or questions, and we hope to see you on the road!

Much Love,

Noah & Charlie