This page is our place to thank everyone who helped us to think of this journey in new and exciting ways. From advice, to donations, to gear, our support team is what makes Westward Wheels possible.

Title Sponsor:

Molina Healthcare 


Molina Healthcare is the reason we are able to do what we do. From the beginning of our journey they have supported and encouraged us. Not only do they support the dreams of two crazy cyclists, they do amazing things for their communities- providing health care to low income, uninsured people across the United States. We are so lucky to be supported by an organization so committed to health and well being. Thank you Molina, and know that your support helps us with every passing mile. 


The Bicycle Stand (Long Beach, CA)


A big thank you to everyone at the Bicycle Stand for helping us get all of our gear for the journey. They are a really great shop that has become a hub of the cycling community in Long Beach. From beautiful (and ready to ride) vintage bikes to modern commuter and touring bikes, the friendly staff at the Bicycle Stand has you covered. They have worked on all of our bicycles over the years and have always done great work.

Gil Dodson 


Gil was one of our first home town sponsors and has his foot in both sustainability and bicycling. As the owner of corridor recycling Gil gave us our first glance at the recycling process. Not only that Gil and his bike group the Fast Freddies, who are local long beach legends, are an inspiration to us and our trip. Although we still might not be able to keep up if they pass us on PCH. Thank you Gil!

Pacific Pub Cycles (Eugene, Oregon)


Pacific Pub Cycles are a combination of our two favorite things- biking and beer. Operating in Eugene and Corvallis, Oregon, they take people on Pub tours via a 14 person bicycle. Not only do they bring a lot of fun to peoples' lives, they get people on bicycles and encourage people to remember how useful a bike can be. Each night we camp in our tent, we are thankful for their support. 

Support Team:

Kraig Kojian and the DLBA


Kraig is the President of the Downtown Long Beach Associates. The DLBA is doing amazing things to help Long Beach continue to be an amazing place to live. Kraig was one of the first people to really believe in us and encourage us to seize the opportunity to use Westward Wheels as a tool for positive change. With his support, connections, and indispensable advice, he is helping us realize our dream and achieve our goals.


Brittany Hallin


Brittany has been a part of the Westward Wheels support team since the beginning. A big thanks to her for designing our logo and being a great source of advice in the project. She is a University of Oregon Journalism/Design student who is passionate about involvement with projects that promote health, sustainability, and the outdoors. She is always prompt, creative, and ready to explore a project idea. We look forward to her doing huge things.

Frankie Rossi

Frankie is a close friend of ours who is the master of all things production related. From filming, to animation, editing, music making, to screen printing t-shirts, the guy oozes creativity. If he wasn't busy with innumerable projects in Berkeley, CA he would be on the journey with us. Our kickstarter was a resounding success thanks to Frankie's filming and editing skills. We can't wait to continue to work with him as we bring together footage for the documentary. 

Director of Experiments:

Jackson Lindauer

Jackson is a college friend of Noah's who has lots of experience with crowd funding campaigns, web design, and all around project efficiency. He is our director of experiments because no one else could have risked everything in an environment that was productive, open, and fun like Jackson did. He was a huge help in getting this project off the ground (as was everyone on this page) and we have no doubt that he will have his hands in many more success stories down the road.

Kickstarter Supporters:

Cross State Contributors:

The Gyben Family

The Bixby Family

Century Contributors:

The Lince Family

Robin and David Snider


Jeff and Barbara Le Beau

Bryan W

The Rossi Family

The Isaac Family

Branko Dujanovic

Tony Callas

Stephen Hoy

75 Mile Contributors:

Sky Vavonese 

Half Century Contributors:

Charlie's Dad

Richard Corbaley

The Gebb Family

Mike Hay

Mark, Elizabeth, Andy and Caroline Johnson

Lori Milad

Rose Bourdon

Kelly Voelker


Sara Jean Tosetti


Josh Hector

Eric Mctauge