Westward Wheels is a bike trip from New York City to Long Beach, California. In three months we will cover over 4,000 miles.

Screenshot taken from Google Maps on 3/3/15.

Screenshot taken from Google Maps on 3/3/15.


Our trip will be self supported. This means that everything we will need will be carried on our bikes. This means panniers, handlebar bags, tents, sleeping bags, and plenty of water. Food and perishables will be bought along the way.

A majority of our time will be spent camping, but for urban areas we will be using couchsurfing.com, warmshowers.com, and personal connections to find people to stay with.

Our route is being planned using a combination of Google maps, the Adventure Cycling Association maps, personal advice, and online forums. Whenever possible we will be using roads with a wide shoulder and low traffic. Along the way we will use paper maps, phones, and GPS supported bike computers to keep us in the right direction.

We roll out from New York City on June 1st, 2015.


Along the trip we are aiming for about 75 miles a day (weather and road conditions permitting). To prepare for three months of putting our bodies to the test, we are following a strict training and fitness regimen. This means healthy eating, regular hydration, light weight training, and lots and lots of riding bikes. As a goal, we are both hoping to be riding about 200 miles a week as the trip grows near. The rest of our training will take place in the first few weeks of the ride.

Why New York to Long Beach?

Although most routes across the US go eastward, we are traveling westward in order to return to our home town of Long Beach, California. Noah is finishing school in New York and this provides a perfect jumping off point/reason to begin the journey.